Month: July 2020


I remember while growing up, i admired the military a lot. Though i never felt the military was for me, so i never bothered trying to join. Back then the military were respected for their discipline and their organization. They always looked out for each other. Whenever my dad had a military company they always asked after themselves with care. always talking about their numerous adventures they had together.  Now that was then. Because it is different from what i see today. How can the military be strong when they are not united? These days what i see is nothing but tragedy. The word discipline has been thrown into the bottomless pit, far a way from one’s reach. Back then, if a soldier should get into trouble out of the barracks, the whole barracks goes all out to try and solve the issue, then when they get back to the barracks, that soldier will be interrogated, and if found guilty, he is punished, but out of the barracks they will stand and defend their own. I was baffled to know that these days a soldier could get missing and nothing is done about it. If it was to be back then, for sure the whole barracks will not know peace until that soldier is found dead or alive no matter his or her rank. Yes i am talking about the case of Lieutenant Davou Mwankon Gyang.  I had known this brother way before he became an officer. I knew him well to be a good soul, and been a soldier, to be a fine soldier. I was shocked when i heard he was missing and no meaningful explanation has been given as to what happened to him “Lt. Col. Archibong gave me his phone number that he was going to get back to us immediately, since then he did not call us and whenever i call him he doesn’t pick up his calls” Davou’s father said this. If truly the military looked out for each other, i am sure that those other soldiers with Davou will not run and leave him behind. If it was an official duty, then they should be armed enough to help them escape any form of ambush. If Davou had to go for an operation in the area he was said to have been kidnapped, then  that means the area was a threat, are five soldiers enough to cotail the chaos  that might have come up in such operations? Now if that story was genuine, i don’t think the military should have waited for Davou’s father to come and find out such story himself.   Now this was a soldier who was doing his duty to make sure the civil people in the society are safe. Giving them an assurance that he will be awake will they sleep.  This soldier just got missing and no news as to what had truly happened that night  has been heard, leaving me to think that someone or some people are hiding something. Fine, you might say am writing this because Davou was my friend. What about Flying Officer Tolulope Oluwatoyin Arotile. How can a car on reverse knock her that had to cause her such injury that led to her death? How fast was the driver was reversing that he didn’t know when to step on the breaks. If truly it was an innocent mistake on the driver’s part which was a costly mistake, why is his name not given? Military personnel was hit down by God knows who, and they say it is a civilian case and so handded over the case to the police. In   God’s name how are these soldiers looking out for each other? These two young soldiers i mentioned  were in their prime and had one goal which was to make the country a better place, they just cant be forgotten. Their names and the names of others who had faced such fate should be written in history. They should be known and they reason why they lived a short life. Hey to you my fallen soldiers i write this in honor to you for sacrificing your lives in order to make our beloved country safe. If they don’t see the sacrifice you have made, i see it. So if they don’t see you as a hero, i want you to know that you are my hero.

Fear Kills

I remember at the last quarter of 1999 when this rumor of the world coming to an end by the year 2000 was circulating, that brought fear and panic across the world. many took their own lives, in order not to witness the “the last day”. Many sold their properties and dashed the money away. Many did unthinkable things all because of fear, now that is the power of fear. During the era when Ebola broke out. Africa at that time faced another share of fear. I remember seeing messages on whatsapp saying that people should put salt into water and drink that helps to fight away Ebola. People didn’t only drink water with salt, they also took their bath with it. How can i forget the unbelievable results that were gotten. I heard of a story about a woman who over poured the salt into a small cup of water and gave it to her few months old baby. Off course the baby died.

Now we talking about Covid 19. At some point the whole world went on stand still for a while. People were forced to stay at home all because of fear. Please don’t get me wrong, am not saying that Ebola or  Covid19 are just cooked up stories to bring us fear. All am saying is that unnecessary fear and panic is unhealthy, yet many still see nothing wrong with that, and have made a vow to make sure they promote fear in every way possible. I was going through articles online when i saw a write up that is warning the world against covid20. Warning that this particular covid is worst than the previous one. Now the question is, if truly there is covid20, then who created it. covid19 was a virus, now they say covid20 is airborne. These clearely shows that some people enjoy seeing other people in fear and panic which is very wrong. If truly there is something like covid20, then it clearly shows that nothing has been done to those who conspired and created covid19 in the first place. See what many people in meany countries went through all because of covid19. Isn’t it bad enough that many countries have not recovered from there lost all in the name of covid19. Now they are telling us to get ready for covid20. Well this is my own humble opinion. Since Many people have decided to use the social media space to promote fear and panic, it is true that we can not control the kind of information we receive, but we can surely control the ones we accept. Not all information is worth it.