Our Programs Schedule


This is a program where listeners meet the tech tutor who explains the workings of new gadgets and explanation of technological terms, for tech lovers, gadget freaks.

It is a program for children: this program is geared towards the entire well being of child, ranging from physical to emotion needs as an important part of the family and society at large. The core values of this program include the primary responsibility of parents to their children, child security and child fundamental human rights.

Patris Radio provides a forum where community leaders and residents of these communities meet and probe each other about their contributions to their community.


This is a program that talks about food, here emphasis is made on showcasing African delicacies, and teaching numerous catering skills. It is a program where all the listeners’ food desires comes true.

Milestones deserve to be celebrated, this program seeks to celebrate individuals who are celebrating their birthdays, or moving to a different stage of their lives. On this program, listeners’ get the opportunity to call and wish their loved ones well on the occasion.

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A program created to bring peoples’ attention back to the pages of books. Here listeners get book teasers in the form of pages of books and reviews. In most cases individuals get to be awarded for following and if possible for reading.

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This is a program where trendy issues are weighed on a scale, they are assessed and checked and double checked, it is a program that diagnoses societal issues and questions status quo.

A program that seeks to keep you up to date to the best music hits on the plateau. This program is focused on unveiling plateau state artistes to the world.

This program keeps listeners updated on fashion trends around the globe, as well as x-rays the intentions behind trends. The program is also geared towards making listeners’ become intentional about dress sense as a means of portraying oneself.


Quizaholic is an educational program geared towards raising more enlightened youths through regular pre-planned quiz shows meant to juggle the acumen of participants. It is a college quiz program (for secondary schools) aimed at promoting bright minds.

Here teenagers get to meet and weigh the things their experience and trends they find under the lens of truth

A program that takes you on a tour into the rich African tradition, way of life and introduces Africans to Africa.


This is an interesting movie program, where listeners get to hear trailers of trending movies as get the opportunity to win tickets to see movies at the cinema.

A program where girls meet, discourse issues and question wrong status quo females hold in high esteem in the society.

This is a program where critical life issues are clarified, here young people gather around the Sage (Dr.Reju) with the questions in their hearts, the Sage by reason of his vast experience and knowledge gets to answer their questions.


A rendezvous for artists, they interact, introduce us to their art and why they do what they do.

This is a sports program geared at informing as well as educating the listeners, this program focuses mainly on local sports and hints of the global world of sports.

Here we bring the tough talks to the table—we talk issues that people are scared to bring up. On the program, phone lines are open, anonymous individuals can call.