Fear Kills

I remember at the last quarter of 1999 when this rumor of the world coming to an end by the year 2000 was circulating, that brought fear and panic across the world. many took their own lives, in order not to witness the “the last day”. Many sold their properties and dashed the money away. Many did unthinkable things all because of fear, now that is the power of fear. During the era when Ebola broke out. Africa at that time faced another share of fear. I remember seeing messages on whatsapp saying that people should put salt into water and drink that helps to fight away Ebola. People didn’t only drink water with salt, they also took their bath with it. How can i forget the unbelievable results that were gotten. I heard of a story about a woman who over poured the salt into a small cup of water and gave it to her few months old baby. Off course the baby died.

Now we talking about Covid 19. At some point the whole world went on stand still for a while. People were forced to stay at home all because of fear. Please don’t get me wrong, am not saying that Ebola or  Covid19 are just cooked up stories to bring us fear. All am saying is that unnecessary fear and panic is unhealthy, yet many still see nothing wrong with that, and have made a vow to make sure they promote fear in every way possible. I was going through articles online when i saw a write up that is warning the world against covid20. Warning that this particular covid is worst than the previous one. Now the question is, if truly there is covid20, then who created it. covid19 was a virus, now they say covid20 is airborne. These clearely shows that some people enjoy seeing other people in fear and panic which is very wrong. If truly there is something like covid20, then it clearly shows that nothing has been done to those who conspired and created covid19 in the first place. See what many people in meany countries went through all because of covid19. Isn’t it bad enough that many countries have not recovered from there lost all in the name of covid19. Now they are telling us to get ready for covid20. Well this is my own humble opinion. Since Many people have decided to use the social media space to promote fear and panic, it is true that we can not control the kind of information we receive, but we can surely control the ones we accept. Not all information is worth it.