Before i start this article, i will like to point out that this article is based on my own opinions. Do well to drop yours in the comment section.

Now to the issue at hand. This issue has been tormenting my country for a very long time and i feel nothing has been done effectively to tackle the problem. What am i trying to say? We keep complaining about the security system in this country, but it is more like we just wasting the strength and saliva to point out things going wrong in our country, but nothing has been done by  us, or our leaders in order to tackle this problem. It is no news that our best security personels are asked to go guard the houses or convoys of our leaders, while the ones who didn’t make to the list of those going to guard our so called leaders are either sent on missions that is sure to kill them or they are not given the chance to carry out the duties they have sown to undertake effectively. Isn’t it heartbreaking to see  or know that our smart and gallant police officers are sent to protect either the rich or politicians, and my question is, if they haven’t done anything wrong to the everyday ordinary people, why then do they need unnecessary protection, and for that go for the best minds in the security agencies or say the whole security system at large,  while we are left with lousy, potbellied, lack of disciplined, lack of mannered  and weak police officers looking so hungry and unkept. How can such a personnel be entrusted with the lives and properties of a common man? Many of such police men become police men in the day time, and become criminals at night. Just because our leaders don’t care about it’s people, so they just go and pick men who are not competent or fit for such task of saving lives and properties? But again, for a country’s security to be strong, they are issues that are meant to be put in place.  With all the moneys pumped into the security system, it is so dis heartening to see repeatedly in the way they carry out their duties which shows lack of proper training, it is so disappointing to see that they lack discipline. And if you will agree with me, these two i have mentioned (Training and Disciple) are key to every security man or woman. To me these two qualities are meant to stand them out from the common man. This issue is not just talking about the police, but the whole security sector. It is so alarming that many of our smart and gallant soldiers are sent to suicide missions or ridiculous missions that makes no sense, all because they have no godfather, while the ones with godfathers are either kept in an air conditioned and well furnished office, or are placed in positions where they contribute little or nothing to the country, yet are paid heavily for doing nothing. Some years back while i was working with a mobile communication company, while on duty i met a chap who came to reclaim his mobile line which got missing. I asked for some documents from him so i could process his request. He gave them to me, and his id card confirming that he was a soldier. We got talking about the insurgency that was going on in the North Eastern states of Nigeria. Out of the question i asked him as part of the data i needed for his job, i noticed that his current location was in one of those states, so i took the conversation towards that direction. to cut the long story short, he told me he lost his phone while he was running for his life in last attack that happened in his camp. He said, when the insurgent group came to visit their camp, they had with them super weapons same with that of the military. He said the super weapons brought by the insurgent group were 8 in number, while the Military had only 3. Now the question is, who will brave enough to go ahead with the already lost battle? Apparently they had no such hero in their mist, so they all took to their heels. Now how can a military win a war against its opponent that is more war ready? Sometime ago i read online about the story of 54 soldiers who were sentenced to death for committing mutiny. This takes us back to the issue of discipline. But how can there be discipline when things are not done rightly. You don’t equip a soldier very well for war and you expect victory? Take care of these soldiers, show them that you appreciate all their sacrirific, give them the right tools and put them in the right places without the interference of godfathers. Give them what is due to them, and allow them carry out their duties to the best of their abilities and see how transformed security system would be. As i earlier said, all these are my own thoughts and opinions, you can add yours, or drop suggestions in the comment section. Thank You